Strategic Corporate Solutions

Diaz Campaigns is a strategic communications firm. Diaz Campaigns  specializes in developing and executing effective strategies for our clients.

Strategic communications is the foundation on which Diaz Campaigns was built on. Having run and managed hundreds of successful campaigns for our corporate clients, Diaz Campaigns has the experience and expertise to develop an effective and aggressive strategy to lead your organization to victory.

To see if we're a good fit for your organization, click here to schedule a complimentary Campaign Discovery Session with one of out seasoned consultants and strategists.

Public Affairs

Our consultants have been in the political arena for years. We know and have worked with the key decision makers in both local and state government. As your consultants, we will develop an aggressive, yet effective strategy to successfully navigate the complex politics of local and state governments and lead you to victory.

Strategic Communications

Our strategic communications campaigns include brand development, website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), digital and social media advertising, email marketing, peer to peer texting, automated phone calls, message development, media outreach,  content creation, advocacy initiatives and stakeholder engagement.

Government Contracting

Selling to the government can be a difficult process, our team of seasoned consultants will make it a breeze!  As your consultants, we will search for and assess unique opportunities for your organization to do work with different government agencies (local, state and federal). Once we match a contract with your organization, we will develop a custom tailored contract designed and developed to showcase your organizations strengths and highlighting specific services to assure your organization stands out from the rest.

Digital Strategies

Our team of strategic consultants use data and trends to create aggressive and effective digital strategies for our clients that ultimately achieve their goals.