A Strategic Communications Firm

Diaz Campaigns is a strategic campaign and public affairs consulting firm. Diaz Campaigns specializes in developing and executing effective strategies for our clients.

Public Affairs Consulting

Our consultants have been in the political arena for years. We know and have worked with the key decision makers in both local and state government. As your consultants, we will develop an aggressive, yet effective strategy to successfully navigate the complex politics of local and state governments and lead you to victory.

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Campaign Strategy

Over half a million officials are elected every year in the United States. The process of political campaigning has witnessed revolutionary change over the past few decades, and a powerful new set of political actors, political consultants, are at the forefront of modern campaigns and elections. Skills in political marketing, including polling, phone banking, fundraising, message development and grassroots are essential for achieving success. We make it our business to keep your campaign moving forward, efficiently, and on message.

Direct Mail

Present your values, experience, and commitment to potential voters with the help of direct mailing. Direct mail is often the single most important tool in communicating a political campaigns message. At Diaz Consulting Group (DCG), we design direct mail that is creative, compelling, on-message and most importantly targeted so it gets in the hands of the people it needs to reach.

Digital Strategy

Our creative and graphic strategies are unique and specific to your each and every campaign. Our designers and strategists bring more than twenty years of experience to your project. Our talented experts each have a strong creative agency background and extensive experience with a broad range of clients and projects. They are experts in typography, color, composition, and effective visual communication.

Phone Banking

Telephone calls are one of the many methods we use to communicate our clients message. We provide clients with the best technology to reach people quickly and effectively. Our multi-lingual callers deliver a unique and effective message to each targeted voter.

Polling & Tracking

Polling during a political campaign is an effective way to gauge the issues about which voters are concerned and to learn what the public likes or doesn’t like about a particular candidate.  The real power behind the polls, however, is the ability to properly analyze the information and dissect the data.  We can help you decipher the poll results and shape your campaign to reflect the poll’s findings and conclusions..

Message Development

Every campaign needs a message that will resonate among voters.  It is critical to craft a central message that is carried through all campaign-related activities and with which the candidate will be identified during the course of the campaign.  We can help you develop this all-important winning message that will essentially become the focal point of your political campaign

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